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Diagram of the Tectonic Plate of the Caribbean

The Tectonic Plate of the Caribbean Sea measures approximately from east to west 1864 miles and from north to south 1056 miles. Of the total surface of the plate most of it is under the waters of the Caribbean Sea, and topographically it is divided into five basins that are separated by escarpments, pits and faults.

The Tectonic Plate of the Caribbean is the consequence of the fracture of the Pange supercontinent that occurred 160 to 180 million years ago. This small plate is practically floating on the plates that surround it of South and North America and the Cocos with which the contact is by subduction.

To the east of the Tectonic Plate of the Caribbean, in the Lesser Antilles and to the west on the Pacific coast of Central America are the volcanic arches. Most volcanoes are active or have little activity and there is even an underwater volcano south of the Lesser Antilles.




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