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The social, economic and political situation that the Spaniards found when they arrived to America was the product of an already long presence of man on the american continent, suggested a look to the chronological scheme between 15000 BC and 1490 AD of the prediscovery of America . In the Caribbean Sea basin exist different cultures being The Maya of Central America in the Yucatan peninsula as the more significant and the many different small neighbors cultures with which coexisted like Miskiti, Guaymi Cueva, Taironas, etc. In the islands of ther side of the Caribbean Sea, the Arawaks were present in different parts of the region, with The Tainos as the main representative in Venezuela de Warao in the east and the Wayu in the west. All this people are culturally peaceful and well established in their land, in the Antillan Islands the Tainos were affected by the more aggressive tribes of the Caribs wich came from South America.

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