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At the beaginning they were mainly French people who lived in Hispaniola Island. There they dedicated themselves to hunting the cows and wild pigs to later bucanner the meat that they sold to the boats that passed by there. Buccaneear is a technique learned from the indigenous Tainos of the islands, it is something similar to barbecue and consists of steaming the meat until it is dried. This product became so popular among sailors that the Spaniards, jealous of their profits and to protect their monopoly, persecuted them and drove them from the island from where they dispersed to the surrounding islands.

Carne en Vara
Preparation of the meat

In 1625 they were again dispersed from San Cristobal (St. Kits) and went to Tortuga Island where they were evicted in 1638 after a bloody attack where they slaughtered those they found in the town. On that occasion most of the buccaneers were working inside the island in their game of hunting and buccanee of the meat. Upon their return and seeing the massacre carried out by the Spaniards they dispersed through the Lesser Antilles and the survivors swore revenge. The first buccaneer to go to Totuga Island was the Frenchman Pierre le Gran who faced a Spanish galleon in 1625

St Kitts

These buccaneers, supported by France and England formed the Brotherhood of the Brothers of the Coast. This association, only of men, had no written laws, rather it was an agreement to which each one who protected his freedom and guaranteed equality between them with the same rights. The Brotherhood had neither judges nor courts, only an assembly of old filibusters that imposed obligations on its members, there was no criminal code, no persecutions, no taxes, no budget. None of its members had a name only pseudonyms, nor was there an official language, nationality or religion. The main rules are in the Code Codigo

This Brotherhood was established in Tortuga Island and lasted from 1630 to 1671, approximately. By a treaty between Spain and France for 1688 they finally expelled the buccaneers from Tortuga Island, thus ending this stage of pillage in the Caribbean Sea and beginning another with the rise of pirate terrorism, which already existed in the Caribbean Sea.

It was thereafter that piracy began an escalation in importance due to the passage of robberies and small skirmishes; to the big looting, the clashes against the authorities, the attacks on the cities, the conquests of settlements

Some renowned Buccaneers are:

Henry Morgan   El Reclutador

François l’Olonnais (1630-1671).

French buccaneer who made multiple assaults by sea and land throughout the Caribbean. Characterized by his cruelty, everyone hated him. He tortured the prisoners and then ate body parts as an act of ferocity. The Kuma from Central America captured him and ate him in a party.

Daniel Montbars (1645-1707) apodado El Exterminador

Daniel Montbars (1645-1707) nicknamed The Exterminator

Participant in the foundation of the Bucanero Brotherhood. His noble origin did not prevent him from having a cruelty comparable to that of L'Olonnais. His hatred of the Spanish was legendary. He acted throughout the Caribbean Sea and particularly Cartagena de Indias and Vera Cruz (Mexico).

Portuguese Bartolomeu (16 ?? / 1669). As a buccaneer he had many adventures and misadventures in the Caribbean Sea. I am part of the Brotherhood of the Buccaneers and established the code of the Pirates. Between riches and poverty throughout his life he died in misery on the Island of Jamaica.

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