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Caribbean Sea also called Sea of ​​the Antilles has an area of ​​2640000 km2 of which Venezuela has territorial sea of 560000 km2; 3726 Km. of coastline and numerous islands in the Lesser Antilles. Under a tropical climate constantly cooled by Alisios winds, with the tranquility of palm trees on the seashore of its beaches, the diversity of it`s multicolor life under the clear waters of the undersea world are the gateway to paradise expected by visitors. Caribbean Sea, mixture of races, melting pot of his own culture.

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An overview of the seabed can give us a picture of its varied topography, between trenches, submarine plains, low water sandy bottons, strechs and more.

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Venezuela has an extensive coastline in northern South America, septentrional section of the Caribbean Sea. A whole country mainly developed around its coastal zone, which for five hundred years has been an important part of the history that has developed on the shores of this sea.

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