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The Caribbean Sea and its land area of influence is in the strip that runs from the equator to the parallels at 23ยบ 27' north and south of the equator, Tropico de Cancer and Tropico de Capricornio respectively.

The rainy season extends from May to November with small local variations. Due to the almost constant temperature throughout the year it is the rainfall that defines the two unique stations of the tropical and intertropical zone.

Precipitation levels are different in different parts of the Caribbean Sea, even in nearby areas the differences may be noticeable since precipitation is related to altitude and how the Trade Winds arrive. In South America at the sea level the coast ecosistem are dry or xerofitic and over de 1000mts over the Cloud Foreste begins to form, the same dry situacion because of low precipitation occurs in the west side of the Lesser Antillan islands.

The problem during the rainy season is not the amount of rainy days since the showers are not long lasting. They can be intense but always have favorable effects for the climate such as cooling the earth and cloudiness mitigating insolation by lowering the temperature to a more pleasant levels. In some sectors the rains usually occur after noon and with greater certainty as you enter the rainy season, increasing the chances of rain since the beginning, maintaining a peak with oscillations in the midle and then decreasing until the end of the season. Although not for sure, the lunar cycle also has its influence with less or greater relevance as the rainy season passes. Hurricanes do not occur all the time, the season generally begins in August and ends in November with a large level of unpredictability in all its aspects. Hurricanes Link to Hurricanes are closely monitored from their origin in terms of evolution and pattern of configuration, they do not always touch land and if they do may have diferent intensity.

Between the months of April and May, the Caribbean Sea enters an equatorial low presure in the form of waves from the East and goes along the north coast of South America, from that moment the rainy season begins, which will continue until November.




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