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All voyages of Christopher Columbus are well known, and there are many books and paintings from this event.

At that time there were many explored land routes between Europe and Asia and the Portuguese were circumnavigating Africa
A new shorter route between the two known parts of the world would be better and cheaper for the existing trade with China Vínculo al Plano Christopher Columbus after a long search for the sponsors of his trip to discovery the new route to China by the East, arravie to Isabel and Fernando, the Catholic Kings of Spain

Christopher Columbus explained to them and the erudites his discovery plan with all sorts of arguments, observations, reflections, references from other navigators and cartographers that exist a shorter route to China and is not by land or around the African continent Vínculo a la Ventana

Finally the Catholic Monarchs on April 17, 1492 gave the approval and funds for the trip, very modest at first because there were only three ships and the crew, La Pinta, La Niña and the Santa Maria Vínculo a Fotografía

They left the port of Palos (Spain) on August 3, 1492 .


After a journey with many events reached the northeastern Caribbean Sea to the island of Guanahani on October 12, 1492 Vínculo a Fotografía and had the first contact with the inhabitants of these islands Tainos

By that time Columbus thought he had found the route by the East to the West of China and from theare on the modern history of the Caribbean Sea begins.

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